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SHINee's life motto's.

  • Key: To be happy.
  • Jonghyun: To be understanding in all aspects.
  • Minho: To never give up no matter what you encounter.
  • Onew: To be able to have all types of experiences, because one must always pursue something new.
  • Taemin: To believe in yourself and work hard; to always stay positive.

minho and jonghyun demonstrating how not to dance to ring ding dong

favorite jonghyun quotes 

Did you miss me?

Once again, I’ve been absent for a month or so, only posting something time to time through my phone so I haven’t been with contact.
I’m sorry I just disappear like this, but I have my reasons..

This time I have been busy with classes, school work and social gathersings. I have made a few new friends so it’s been nice. But then I have been sick for a month or so. I had a bad flue and stuff, but I got antibiotics and stuff so it’s a bit better now.